Famous Gamblers

Casinos.Net provides short biographies of famous gamblers and casino legends.

People throughout the ages, have been fascinated by watching other people who are BIG Gamblers. The daily newspapers often run stories of Wealthy Multi-Millionaires who have had a massive gambling binge at a casino or lucky slots players who have won huge casino jackpots.

We are fascinated by these people. We often wonder, what demons drive a successful Business Person who is a self-made Millionaire to want to gamble on the tables of Vegas. Is it the challenge of "winning". Business is too easy and they need a bigger challenge. Who knows?

Indeed, we sometimes like to picture ourselves as the "gambler", the "punter", the one who is risking, to win more to WIN BIG TIME.

The Famous Cartoon character "Snoopy" also starred as a Gambler in two episodes: "The Mad Punter" (12/12/60) and "Blackjack Snoopy - World-Famous Riverboat Gambler (5/30/79).

List of Famous Gamblers

Fyodor Dostoevsky
John Montagu - 4th Earl of Sandwich
Chevalier de Mere
Archie Karas
Riley Grannan
Bret Maverick from "Maverick"
Brady Hawkes from "The Gambler" movies
Sam "Ace" Rothstein from "Casino"